Frozen YAZZ Concept

At FROZEN YAZZ, Our approach is unique, Our yogurt flavors are bold, Our yogurt products are innovative, and Our presentation is modern and mouthwatering.

Music is an important part of pop culture, and part of what inspires our custom creations. From the second you step through the door, you will taste the music!

We tantalize your taste buds, while you jam to your favorite tunes. We’re the perfect place to hang out and make new friends!

Our unique concept of merging music with frozen yogurt to provide the most exquisite experience for our customers is the heart of every future franchise stores we open.

Why Choose Us:

* Highest Quality, Healthy Ingredients
  1. * Competitive Pricing
  2. * Hundreds Of Flavor Combinations
  3. * Perfect For Retail & Food Service

 Our Services

  • - Corporate Events
  • - Birthday Parties
  • - Weddings

Catering And Special Events

If you are looking for a hip and healthy sweet treat for your upcoming meeting or special event, give us a call! We can deliver, stay and serve, and even create custom flavors that support your theme combine your favorite flavors. 

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Our Products

FROZEN YAZZ isn’t just food for the body but also for the soul. While our amazingly delicious frozen yogurt satisfies your craving for sweetness, our vibes will make sure that you truly Taste the Music as well. Our yogurt provides artisan crafted and dairy made frozen yogurt with music – a concept never used to its full potential. Our high-quality frozen yogurt has built a devoted following thanks to its smooth, creamy texture and delicious flavors. 

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