Yogurt is Good for the Body just as Music is Good for the Soul!

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You must have heard the phrase “music sooths the soul” or “music heals the souls” but In fact it does a whole lot more than that. We at FROZEN YAZZ are all about a healthy lifestyle which is why we wanted to make frozen yogurt that tasted better than any other brand available. We didn’t make a groundbreaking discovery in the field of Frozen Yogurt but we did find a way to enhance the taste, make it healthier and increase the overall enjoyment of frozen yogurt by mixing it with music that soothes the body and mind!

By mixing Frozen Yogurt and with the right Music we’ve successfully managed to make our Frozen Yogurt taste better, make you feel better and help you enjoy yourself a lot better! Happy music brings a smile to a face even when one may not actually be there but it helps reduce chronic pain, improves your mood, reduces blood pressure, aids in stroke recovery, lower your heart rate, calms you down, boost your immunity and enhance your ability to learn, and so much more!

Music helps the autonomic nervous system - the piece of the nervous system in charge of controlling our blood pressure, pulse and mental functions - and furthermore the limbic system - the part of the mind that controls feelings and emotions. As proven by a research, both these systems respond incredibly well to music.

When we’re listening to pleasing music, our blood pressure and pulse reduce which helps us inhale all the more easily, in this way lessening muscle tension in our neck, shoulders, stomach and back. Furthermore, researchers also say that aside from physical tension, music likewise diminishes mental tension in our brain.

As such when we feel pain, we end up noticeably scared, baffled and irritated which makes us worry many muscles in our back. Listening to music on a daily basis helps our bodies unwind physically and mentally, as well as reducing muscle tension, back pain and even helping our heart stay healthy. The best part is that listening to music of any kind as long as you like it can have wide ranging effects from improving your mood to giving your body an extra boost of energy.

By combining the effects of music with high nutrient and vitamin frozen yogurt you’ve got the perfect way to improve your health while you have some of the best time of your life! 

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