Tantalize Your Taste Buds And Taste The Music!

FROZEN YAZZ Combines the best of both worlds, a tasty sweet treat made from fresh fruit and cultured yogurt while jamming to the energetic tunes you love! If You Like Music & Frozen Yogurt Then FROZEN YAZZ Is Where You Need To Be! 


FROZEN YAZZ frozen yogurt is locally owned and made with the richest flavor and quality materials so that you can enjoy all the deliciousness and healthy benefits of Frozen Yogurt while enjoying a beat you can grove to.

Our concept delivers a combination better than Peanut Butter & jelly! Music and Frozen Yogurt goes together so well that we just had to share it with the rest of the world. We pride ourselves in making yogurt that’s so good that you’ll taste the music.

We Take A Fresh Approach To Everything We Do!

Our innovative approach to serving probiotic-packed frozen yogurt, makes healthy taste as good as it looks. Curb your sweet cravings, without any regrets. And have fun while you’re doing it!

Stop by for a light snack, a sweet treat after dinner, a hangout with your friends, listen to music or to come make new friends while enjoying our unique atmosphere. Come with your loved ones and families to enjoy our Frozen yogurt with your choice of toppings, fresh fruit smoothies, yogurt popsicles, and our rich/creamy monthly flavors!

If you are looking for a hip and healthy sweet treat for your upcoming meeting or special event, give us a call! We can deliver, stay and serve, and even create custom flavors that support your theme or combine your favorite flavors. You can even make a reservation for your next birthday bash or party!

Design your own custom creation, or choose one of our Creations of the season!

Creations of the Season

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